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Upcoming Projects


A Children's Clinic that will operate all year round

COMMUNITY TRUST SPETSES will support the establishment of a fully equipped children's clinic, with a nurse and a pediatrician that will operate all year round.


The children's clinic will be established to support the local community, since for the last 15 years there has been no daily access of the island's residents to a pediatrician.


Support of the newly founded "SPETSOPOULIA" Association, for individuals, guardians of individuals, and friends of individuals in the autism spectrum.

COMMUNITY TRUST SPETSES aims to support creative activities, but also to facilitate their access to important specialties such as speech therapy and occupational therapy.

Speech Therapist


Purchase of a 4 X 4 Fire Engine Truck

Support financially the purchase of a 4 x 4 fire engine truck for the needs of the Volunteer Fire Department.

Environmental & Educational Program with MEDASSET

Repetition of the educational program

with MEDASSET for the young children

of the island.

Environmental Awareness Program for people 65+

Create an environmental awareness program for people over 65.

Implementation of the SAILORS OF THE SEA Program

Cooperation with the NAVY CLUB OF SPETSES and the Primary School, for the implementation of the ‘SAILORS OF THE SEA’’ program to protect the oceans

Sunset Sailboats
Pilot Program for Placing Water Filters in Households
Water Filter Faucet


Interactive Tours in collaboration with the ''Metamyth through the Arts in Museums.''
by Thalia Valeta Panayiotopoulos

We are delighted to announce that the founder of "Metamyth Therapy through the Arts in

Museums" ©, mrs Thalia Valeta  Panayiotopoulos, in collaboration with Community Trust Spetses

and Spetses Museum is running eight "Metamyth©" sessions in August.

The sessions will take place at the Hadziyianni Mexi Museum Spetses and

at the Open Air Museum at Faros, where the sculptures of Natalia Mela are

exhibited. Mrs. Valeta has given this name to this beautiful part of the Old Harbour, where we will

promenade in conversation with Art, Nature History, and our inner self.

All proceeds will go towards the maintenance of the Spetses Museum and Natalia Mela's


We are thankful to the Archeological Society and The Spetses Museum staff, who have opened

the doors of the Museum for the first time to "Metamyth©" because it focuses on the quality of

attention to self, to others, and the cultural context of the museum.

Thalia Valeta says: In "Metamyth Therapy through the Arts in Museums''©, the participants are inspired to express themselves, share, and simultaneously communicate with their authentic selves witnessed and supported by the group. She says: "Metamyth" © is a calling to the participants' emotions, thoughts, experiences, memories, and dreams.



Thalia Valeta Panayiotopoulos is an actress, director, writer, drama therapist, and the founder of

"Metamyth Therapy through the Arts in Museums©." She is a mother and grandmother of five

beautiful grandchildren and runs "Metamyth©" programs in museums, art centers, and

hospitals in Greece and internationally. She loves all people and is an activist for the

environment and harmony in the world.

Support the Recording of Wooden Shipyards Program

COMMUNITY TRUST SPETSES is planning to support the program of recording wooden yards and traditional wooden boats throughout Greece, including the Spetses shipyards.

By the Association of Friends of the Museum of Shipbuilding and Maritime Arts of the Aegean, the Hellenic Society for Environment and Culture and the Study of Urban Studies of the School of Architecture and Engineering 

Old harbour.jpg
Highlight of the Spetsian House

​Cooperation with the local archives of the state, to highlight the Spetsian House.

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