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Community Trust Spetses and

" Metamyth Therapy through the Arts in Museums © ''

collaborate to create a fundraising event

 and invite you to discover the Spetses' heritage through
a cultural programme designed and run
by the founder of Metamyth©

Mrs. Thalia Valeta Panayiotopoulos.

All proceeds will go to educational and cultural activities in the schools of Spetses.

Make a donation and book your spot !

25/07/2024, 20.00 pm
or  16/08/2024, 20.00 pm

Experiential seafront walk to get to know

the 7 Special Fighters

of the Greek Revolution of 1821!

25/07/2024, 20.00 pm
16/08/2024, 20.00 pm

31/07/2024, 11.00 am
23/08/2024, 11.00 am

05/08/2024, 20.00 pm
30/08/2024, 20.00 pm

Experiential Seafront Tour to meet the 7 Spetsiot Heroes

of the Greek Revolution!

Experiential Visit

to Hatzigiannis Mexis' Museum!

Experiential Walk through the Open Museum to admire the sculptures of the leading Greek Sculptor,

Natalia Mela!

Meeting Point:

Agios Mamas Church

Meeting Point:

Hatzigianni Mexi Museum

Meeting Point :

Panagia Armata Church

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