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Support The  Spetses
Volunteer Firefighters

We purchased the First Water Tanker and donated it to the Spetses Volunteer Fire Department. Addressing the need to transport water quickly to wherever it is needed in the case of a fire and to reduce dependence on the fixed water tanks in the hills.

spetses firefighters .jpeg

Support Spetses Volunteer Fire Department 

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Support Art for Children

Art has a vital role to play in our collective effort to rise to the social and ecological challenges of our time. It begins with something as simple as reminding us how to pay attention. With this in mind we are creating the Artist Residency Children’s Workshop.

artist residency for kids

Over four weekly sessions children will explore Spetses and learn different painting techniques to communicate their observational experience of the living environment onto canvas. Through sustained attention to detail, colour, texture and the feeling they inspire, the hope is to awaken a sense of wonder and appreciation of place but also to create more intimate relationships with the living landscape and broaden our understanding of community to include it.

artist residency for kids
artist residency for kids
artist residency spetses
artist residency for kids
artist residency for kids
artist residency for kids

Our Supporters

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artist residency for kids
artist residency for kids
artist residency for kids

Support Artist Residency Program 

Reduce Single Use Plastic


Elkay bottle filling system quickly delivers clean water and fills bottles instantly. It enhances sustainability by minimizing our reliance on single-use plastic bottles. 

  • Preparation to install  Water Filters and Bottle Filling Stations in the Spetses kindergartens and the Spetses Primary, Intermediate and High Schools,

  • Initiation of a pilot program to install Water Filters in Spetses households

Support Zero Waste Program

Collaboration with

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We conducted an environmental education program in the Spetses Primary School  and both Spetses Kindergartens  entitled ‘Niretta the Caretta’

ΝΗΠΙΟ 1 _edited.jpg
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Support Educational 

Environmental Programs

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katharismos dimotiko_edited.jpg

Agios Mamas Beach Clean-up  by the  Spetses Primary School 2nd Grade students.

Our Supporters







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Complete Cardiovascular Examinations for 140 Spetses Primary School students.

Doctor and Patient

We are planning the opening of a fully equipped pediatric clinic.

Support Children Health Care 

Support for the students of the Spetses Intermediate and High Schools  to participate in the symposium “Landmarks of Memory and Culture in the Educational District of Piraeus” organized by the Directorate of Secondary Education Piraeus.

γυμνάσιο 3.jpg

Presentation of the traditional costume of the Spetses from the students of Intermediate School.

λύκειο 1.jpg

Presentation of a 30-minute documentary, in which four emblematic places of the island related to education and culture are presented (Anargyreios and Korgialenios School, Kapodistriaki Stegi, Bouboulina Museum, Spetses Museum- Hatzigianni Mexi)

Support Local Education  

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