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Efthymia Psarakou -  Executive Director

I moved to Spetses Island after I finished my studies in Technological Agriculture. This led to the creation of my family, as I married a ‘Spetsiot,’ Taki Belesi, and together we have two children, Ioanna and Michalis.

It has always been essential to get to know, get acquainted with, and learn more about the island I have chosen as my home.

I have actively participated in Parents’ Associations, Vice-President of the Preschool Association, and President of the Primary School Association. I have also had administrative duties managing the local football club, A.O.S. Bouboulina. In 2019, I was elected as a Spetses Municipality Town Councillor.

Also, after collective efforts, we have recently created a Parents’ and Friends’ Association for Persons with Disabilities named “SPETSOPOULIA.”

Therefore, my love for Spetses is expressed via sports, education, social welfare, and avid participation in the local society. All the above-mentioned are shared beliefs and goals with Community Trust Spetses for further and stable growth of our island.

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Anna Liaroutsou - Project manager

Anna Liaroutsou was born and raised in Spetses. She graduated from the University of Crete with a BA in Political Science. She received her MA in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics (PPE) from the University of Leiden in the Netherlands. Upon returning to Greece, she worked for the NGO Metadrasi (Action for Migration and Development), teaching English as a foreign language to refugees and migrants aged 6-18. After the COVID-19 pandemic, she began working in translations and editing, allowing her to spend most of the year on Spetses.

She believes that islands live all year round, not only during the summer season, so local communities should be supported, and collective actions are how their dynamic development will occur. Anna’s areas of interest are the island's local history and folk culture, along with an environmental interest in protecting both the sea and the mountain of Spetses.

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Maria Psarakou -  Accountant Manager

Maria Psarakou was raised in Athens and attended the National and Kapodestrian University of Athens, studying Economics from 1998 to 2004 and working in an accountancy office. She then moved to Spetses with her husband and their two sons were born in 2004 and 2008. From 2006 until 2022, Maria worked as a bank manager in charge of Business Client Service and has also received certifications in “Financial Analysis”, in “Secure Lending for Business”, in “Know your Customer” and more.  

Maria, through her financial knowledge and experiences, wishes to support the implementation of projects of social, cultural, environmental interest in benefit of the island, which – for the last twenty years‒ calls “home”. 

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