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Our strength is our collective nature

Supporting Social, Environmental, and Cultural Projects on the beautiful Island of Spetses.

What we do

Our mission is to support social, environmental, and cultural projects  in the beautiful island of Spetses, that meet the challenges of our time and create new opportunities to build sustainability and resilience.

We work primarily to encourage engagement, discussion, and participation at a local level and to identify and provide community support based on their initiatives and needs

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How we do it

We listen carefully to the needs of the community and evaluate projects according to their urgency and importance for the island and its people, based on the European Sustainable Development Goals - SDGs , in order to offer financial and organizational support.

All this is made possible thanks to our Sponsors and Supporters,
and the valuable contribution of our Volunteers.
Our individual supporters:

Mr. Dimitriou - Mr. Yantigaroglou - Mr Lemos - Mrs Mitaraki - Mrs Botasi - Mr & Mrs Nikolaou - Mrs. Nomikos - Mr. Xanthopoulos - Mr Pesmazoglou - Mr. Potamianos - Mr. Sarantopoulos - Mrs Spanou - Mrs Stafilopatis - Mrs Tsoukala – Mr & Mrs Philon - Mrs Aardenburg - Mrs Conrad - Mrs De Saint Felix -Mr & Mrs Hodler - Mr Mach - Mazistral Company - Mrs Roussopoulos - Mrs Sandο Domingo - Mr Fischer - Mrs Marie Claire Panagiotopoulos - Mrs E.Andreadi - Ms S.Andreadis - Mr Felios - Mrs Fix - Mr & Mrs Xavier - Mr & Mrs Yannacopoulos - Woodward Charitable - Mr & Mrs Vasati - Mr Chiliarhopoulos - Mr Lekkas - Mr Pasamitros- Mrs & Mr Thouvenin-Stelios Philanthropic Foundation- Mrs A.Martinos


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Community Trust  Spetses Invites you to the fundraising concert
"Οf Land and Sea''. 

Wednesday 26 July 2023
Bouboulina Museum at 21.00

More details here

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All year round
Children's Clinic

COMMUNITY TRUST SPETSES will support the establishment of a fully equipped children's clinic, with a nurse and a pediatrician that will operate all year round.


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