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Support of Spetsian Triathlete Filippos Vokos

Filippos Vokos was born and raised in Spetses. At the age of 18, he begun training in Triathlon and within 2 years he managed to participate and achieve high performances in local and world championships.


His dedication, commitment and sports discipline are an example for the youth and children of the island.


COMMUNITY TRUST SPETSES is one of the main sponsors of the Spetsian Athlete, supporting him in all his races.

Sustainable Goals achievement:

Support of Primary School Basketball Team

The island of Spetses does not yet have a specialized training center for all sports. The students of the Spetses Primary School, with the help of their teacher - and former coach - created their school's basketball team and organized the training sessions themselves.


COMMUNITY TRUST SPETSES was happy to support this initiative of the children, by sponsoring the team sports blouses.

Sustainable Goals achievement:

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