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Project funding application

Mini projects

Emergency Funding up to €500,00

COMMUNITY TRUST SPETSES offers emergency funding up to €500 to assist in the implementation of projects on-the-go, to overcome any barriers that would halt an idea or a project from materializing and benefiting the local community.

The funding can be given within a week and up to a month before the project or event.

Applications must be submitted up at least a week in advance and meet the criteria and areas of interest of COMMUNITY TRUST SPETSES.

Download the form here and send to

Download the Mini project application form and send to

Main Projects

 Funding for beneficial cause

COMMUNITY TRUST SPETSES offers funding for projects whose purpose is to benefit and develop Spetses community.

Aiming for sustainable development, we firmly support the cooperation of local and external organizations and associations for the implementation of educational, cultural, environmental and other programs.

All applications must be submitted by October 31st, to be included in the Action Plan of the following year.


The applications must meet all the criteria and share the values of the COMMUNITY TRUST SPETSES.

Download the Main project application form and send to
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