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Completed Projects

Artist workshop by Olga Antonea:
Creating with Leather

MAY 2023

COMMUNITY TRUST SPETSES in cooperation with Olga Antonea organized an original artistic workshop for the children !

In a two-day art workshop, the graphic designer and visual artist, teached Spetses High School students how to process and create items with leather.


All students then created a personal leather purse for themselves!


COMMUNITY TRUST SPETSES volunteer: Iliana Stavropoulou

Sustainable Goals achievement:

Upgrading the Sound System for
the Spetses Cultural Association

MAY 2023

THE CULTURAL ASSOCIATION OF SPETSES was founded in 1985 with the aim of supporting the cultural development of the society of Spetses.


It is an important cultural meeting spot in the island that enhances creativity, engagement and inclusivity.


Following its members request, COMMUNITY TRUST SPETSES upgraded their sound system equipment with the purchase of a tour system, a tour system receiver, a wireless condenser microphone set, as well as a sound console.

Sustainable Goals achievement:

APRIL 2023

COMMUNITY TRUST SPETSES was a proud supporter of the 1st Children's Book Festival.


The Festival featured an abundance of impressive and interesting themed booths, games, demonstrations and provided wonderful activities and book presentations by the authors for the young visitors.


COMMUNITY TRUST SPESTES gladly covered the transportation costs and part of the accommodation costs of the authors

Sustainable Goals achievement:

by the Cyber Crime Police Division of Greece

MARCH 2023

On Monday 27 March 2023 SPETSES COMMUNITY TRUST in collaboration with Spetses Commercial & Industrial Association and the Kapodistriaki Stegi of Spetses organised the seminar ‘’Safety on the Internet’’ for the residents of the island.


Mr. Charalambos Karras, Greek Cyber Crime Division Officer, and Giorgos Nakkos, Greek Cyber Crime Division Psychologist, informed and discussed with Spetsian Business Owners and Professionals about electronic fraud and better management of the internet at work.

During the Seminar they also informed and discussed with parents about the safe use of social media by children.

On Tuesday, March 28, there were successive briefings for the students of the Spetses Elementary, Middle School and Lyceum at Kapodistriaki Stegi of Spetses and at The AKSS Amphitheater

Sustainable Goals achievement:

Supporting the Photo Exhibition
“The Asia Minor Campaign as seen through
the Photographic Archive of the Bouboulis Brothers''
at the Bouboulina Museum

JUNE 2022

The Bouboulina Museum is one of the main cultural points of the island. At the request of the Museum, COMMUNITY TRUST SPETSES helped shape the second floor of the Museum, so that it would be suitable for exhibiting works.


The first exhibition in the area was about the ''Asia Minor Campaign'' of the Greeks and was presented through the photographic archive of the descendants of the historical female captain Laskarina Bouboulina, the Bouboulis brothers.

Sustainable Goals achievement:

 Intermediate and High School Students participation
at the symposium on
“Landmarks of Memory and Culture”
MAY 2022

Spetses Students participated in the Annual Symposium “Landmarks of Memory and Culture’’ organized by the Educational District of Piraeus.

The students presented the Spetses Traditional Customes, and created a documentary video on the history of the island.


COMMUNITY TRUST SPETSES covered the travel costs of all students and teachers after the request of their schools.