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About Malvina Tripitsi


Malvina Tripitsi was born in Piraeus, but has been living in Spetses since she was three, and she considers it her home. She graduated from the Pedagogical Department of Elementary Education at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. She and her husband chose to raise their two children on Spetses because they both love the place so much. 

Since 2001, Malvina has worked as a teacher at the Spetses Primary School. She believes that school should be a joyful place that promotes learning, creativity, skill-building, and the development of sustainable thinking. Her teaching goals are aligned with this philosophy. 

Malvina believes that learning is a continuous process, so she attends training sessions every year to learn about new technologies, educational robotics, cultural and environmental seminars, and health promotion programs. She is committed to contributing to the creation of a new generation of responsible and active citizens who will love and support their country.

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