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Community Trust is so excited with the latest developments! Below the bullet-points, for the full articles visit:

UPCOMING: Opening of the new Pediatric Practice in the Spetses Clock Square!

The pediatric practice is set to open shortly, in the centre of Spetses Town in the Clock Square! We have received our equipment and furniture, while we wait for the paint to dry!

Stay tuned for updates about our opening!


Donation of a 4x4 Fire Truck to the Spetses Volunteer Firefighters!


Spetses Mini Marathon 29/9- 1/10!

CTS will participate in the Spetses Mini Marathon during the last weekend of September! See you there!


ΜPΑLΤΙΖΑ work in Progress: HOME project

CTS supports the MPALTIZA work in Progress: HOME project, which will organise an educational workshop at the Bouboulina Museum for Spetses students in September on traditional boatbuilding!


Environmental & Educational Programs for Spetses Students with the NGO Medasst and the Program Sailors for the Sea!



Concert for the Pediatric Center & the Spetsopoulia Association!

The “Of Land & Sea” performance on July 26th at the Bouboulina Museum was a magical

evening for a great cause! The Community Trust Team is deeply thankful for all those who were able to attend and supported the newly founded pediatric practice along with the Spetsopoulia Association.

Music Academy of Anargyrios and Korgialenios School of Spetses

AKSS Foundation organised a ten-day masterclass with acclaimed instructors!

CTS supports the Music Academy and specifically their musical classes for children of Spetses, aged 6-12, which also take place during the winter months.

Also, this year, for the first time, music lessons will also be offered to the Spetsopoulia Association members!

METAMYTH: Therapy Through the Arts in Museums

In August, Metamyth through the Arts in Museums© took place in the Spetses Museum and the Open Air Museum at the Faros Area in the Old Harbour.

The creator of the program, Mrs Thalia Valeta-Panayotopoulos, offered meetings in these historical locations to discuss Art in Museums seen through an experiential tours.

All proceeds were allocated towards maintenance of the Spetses Museum and the Natalia Mela Sculptures!


This summer was a great opportunity for all of us at Community Trust Spetses to meet up with old friends, while also introduce our work to new ones. We were able to set strong foundations towards planning our next projects in the areas of health, environment, culture and education.

We thank you all for being by our side and supporting and sharing our vision in making Spetses an example of sustainability, opportunity and inclusivity, not only during

the summer season, but on all year long and for many years to come!

Your support offers us the means and the strength to move forward. Please consider making a donation here:

Visit our updated website to read more about our completed projects and upcoming events.

Follow us on facebook and instagram for constant updates.

We hope we shall meet in Spetses and thank you, once again,

for your ongoing support and sharing our vision!


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