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Continuing our impactful work, we present to you the actions and collaborations that took place in November.

Replacement of Water Filters in School Water Coolers

In October 2022, we installed triple water filters on faucets and water stations across all school units, aiming to reduce single-use plastic consumption.

In line with our vision for a more sustainable life on the island and within the "Reduce Single-Use Plastics'" campaign, we replaced water filters in all school units from the beginning of the school year.

This initiative was made possible through the generous donation of Mrs. Grita Loebsack and Mr. Thouvenin Xavier.

We extend warm thanks to Mr. Renci Subashi for offering his expertise in the replacement of all filters.


Introductory Meeting with the NGO Regenerative Farming Greece

In November, Ms. Sheila Damos, a representative of Regenerative Farming Greece, visited our island to present the benefits of regenerative farming to a group of citizens active in this field.

This was followed by an informative dialogue involving land professionals, agronomists, beekeepers, and representatives from various organizations and professionals.

Discussions explored potential perspectives for agricultural cultivation on the island of Spetses, whether on a small or large scale, encompassing amateur, professional, or educational settings, involving edible forests and food paths.

It was an optimistic inaugural meeting, and we hope it leads to establishing a network focused on sustainable agriculture and biodiversity on our island.


Participation in a Roundtable and Meeting with Professional Fishers from the Municipalities Network of Attica Islands on the topic:

"Opportunities and Threats in the Coastal Ecosystem of the Attica Islands."

With great pleasure, we took part in organizing the event 'Roundtable Meeting' with professional fishers, organized by the Municipalities Network of Attica Islands, focusing on "Opportunities and Threats in the Coastal Ecosystem of the Attica Islands."

The event featured presentations from scientists from ELKETHE (Hellenic Center for Marine Research) and the Attica Region.

We thank the Anargyreios and Korgialeneios School of Spetses for their gracious hospitality.


Two-Day Initiative by Medasset for Educators & 3rd-grade Students

The Community Trust Spetses had the pleasure of once again hosting the NGO Medasset, Mr. Kostas Thomopoulos, and Ms. Artemis Michala on November 19th and 20th.

On Sunday, 19th November, at the hospitable venue of the Anargyreios and Korgialeneios School of Spetses, educators from all school levels on the island attended the environmental educational program titled '"Protecting the marine environment through our daily habits and the role of education in citizen awareness.'"

The program was followed by experiential activities, a symbolic cleanup of the school's coastline, and the day concluded with good food and engaging discussions.

On Monday, 20th November, following the kind provision of space by the Municipality of Spetses, the 3rd-grade students of the local Gymnasium gathered at the Kapodistrian Shelter of Spetses for informational sessions and experiential activities conducted by the Medasset team.

We thank all who participated, educators and students alike, in a collective effort to empower, raise awareness, and educate both young and old about the marine environment and its protection!

Special thanks to Hotel Klimis for their generous hospitality.


Music Lessons at the Anargyreios and Korgialeneios School of Spetses for Children & Classes for Individuals with Non-typical Development

The Community Trust Spetses proudly supports the music lessons of the Music Academy - Anargyreios and Korgialeneios School of Spetses (AKSS).

The winter cycle of music lessons has commenced, and this year, additional music classes will be available, catering to individuals with non-typical development and their caregivers.

The aim of these lessons is, through musical activities, to engage participants with the elements of music, practice active listening, coordination, collaboration, and, of course, to have fun!


We support the Local Community.

Following the establishment of the Pediatric Clinic, our ongoing commitment includes covering 50% of the cost of visits for children permanently residing on the island.

We hope for new collaborations to ensure that the children of Spetses receive the Pediatric Clinic's services free of charge.


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Thank you for your support!


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