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Paediatric Clinic Newsletter


The paediatric clinic opened its doors on October 15 th 2023!

  • The medical staff, Dr. Kallirroi Kamizi and nurse Nelly Komboyorga have offered their services to 139 children in the first 3 months of the clinic’s operation.

  • In November, the clinic’s website was launched. Please visit to learn more on how we operate !

  • As of December, the website also hosts a blog, where Dr. Kamizi will publish medical articles.

  • For 2024, Community Trust Spetses will continue to provide 50% discount for all children who reside permanently on Spetses!

  • We plan to add a circular program of general paediatricians who will be visiting every Friday and Saturday, in addition to the current visiting schedule of Dr.Kamizi.

  • We also hope to add specialties into the same circular program with visiting child end ocrinologists, cardiologists, pneumologists, allergologists.

  • Finally we wish to operate a speech therapy prorgram in the vicinities of the clinic in the coming year.

In the last eleven month, the idea of the first paediatric clinic on Spetses became a reality and it was made possible with your unwavering support.

We aim to work harder and higher in order to offer the best possible and whole rounded medical services for the children of Spetses.

Make a difference in the lives of children by supporting the Paediatric clinic.

Your kindness and generosity can make a world of difference.

Support us to make a meaningful impact and inspire others to do the same.

We send our warmest wishes

for a Prosperous and Healthy New Year

to you and your families.



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